Chihuahua Females:

Yamanda-Yill vom Kalten Brunnen (Pummi)

PL: 0/0

 Free of eye diseases,

 DNA profile available.


Pummi is a strong, friendly breed representative. She has a very gentle character.



She’s had multiple victories and championships.

Evelyn vom Kalten Brunnen (Evy)

PL: 0/0

small friendly breed. 

The lovely Layla vom Kalten Brunnen

A small bundle of energy. She is a small, sassy breed representative,

 husky shorthair, carrier of dilution and chocolate

 Free of over 250 hereditary diseases (Feragen Dog Check 3.0)



Felina vom Wörthersee Clan

chocolate tan merle

PL 0/0

Judgene Jessy Svit Barbi (Crema)

lilac creme 

PL 0/0