Brussels Griffon

Griffon Belge

Petit Brabancon

A quite unknown breed in Germany and Austria.

A lovable, cheerful, affectionate companion dog in a compact size. The Griffon is very people-oriented and courageous.


The origin of Griffons is in Belgium. They are a small, active, robust dog with a square shaped body. A unique trait of this breed is it’s almost human-like face. Griffons are very friendly and build a strong bond with their owner. They are social and make good watch dogs – a true friend and companion.


The Toy Griffon is separated into three breeds:


Brussels Griffon: rough-haired with a beard in red (see the picture above)

Brabant Griffon: smooth, short hair in red and black (see picture on left)

Belgian Griffon: rough hair with beard in black or black and tan (see picture right)



I’d been breeding Chihuahuas for many years and came about this awesome breed by accident. Unfortunately, there are few breeders or fans of this breed in Germany. From time to time, we have Chihuahua and Griffon puppies available. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.