Griffon Females:

E`Fergie red Shadow (Fergie)

Fergie is our little Brabant girl.


She is a bundle of energy who is always friendly and in a good mood.



PL: 0/0 Screening: 0C (free)

Oya-Oya (Kyra)

FCI Imported from Belarus


PL: 0/0



Kyra is very agile and always in a good mood.

Elegant Luxori Chaynaya Roza (Rosalie)

Rosalie was imported from Russia and is a very friendly and rather quiet breed representative


PL: 0/0



A gorgeous male Brussels Griffon from Rosalie is looking for a new home.

A crazy Lady vom Kalten Brunnen (Crazy)

Chocolate carrier


She is my offspring from Sputnik and Fergie. A little  whirlwind.

Black (chocolate carrier)


PL 0/0, load test passed.

 We expect puppies from Crazy.



Shalou (Lulu)

Shalou Is a very affectionate, cuddly female.



PL 0/0, load test passed.

Cataleya Griffonek (Kathi)

Kathi is a very spirited, loving female.



PL 0/0, load test passed.

Nutella chocolate Lady vom Kalten Brunnen (Nutella)

own offspring. In the development